Medical gas
distribution systems

The medical gas distribution systems are, to all intents and purposes, medical devices for the distribution inside health care facilities of medical gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen protoxide, medical air, compressed air and more.

G.G.I. IMPIANTI has a team trained and specialised in the installation of medical gas systems and components, and they design, create and service the following equipment:
• Medical gas and compressed air distribution systems
• Control units for the decompression of medical gases in cylinders
• Control units for the production of medical compressed air
• Control units for the evacuation of anaesthetic gas
• Control units for endocavitary vacuum

• Connectors for the supply of medical gas in compliance with the UNI, AFNOR and DIN standards
• Wall-mounted and suspended bed head units for intensive therapy, hospitalisation, phases of anaesthesia
•Overhead units and lights
• Mobile wall panels in enamelled steel and coated stainless steel
• Supervision systems
• Accessories

G.G.I. IMPIANTI S.r.l also designs, creates and markets the medical oxygen production control unit called Oxigen Clean: this system, compliant with the ISO 10083 Standard, allows the user to produce oxygen autonomously at the health care facility.

The entire production process at G.G.I. Impianti complies with the most stringent safety criteria in force, while the entire corporate structure meets the total quality requirements set down by ISO 9001/2008.

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