bed head units

Our Company stands out in the market of bed head units for its focus on technological innovation, quality and flexibility. The various models are based on our own experience in the field and on the important contribution of health operators.
Each bed head unit is tailored first and foremost to the needs of the health operator who handles it, as well as those of the patient.

We not only supply the products, we also provide our own staff to assemble them. This is to guarantee full traceability and monitoring of our "turnkey" work, and to ensure that this remains consistently up to standard.

These units have a structure formed of extruded aluminum profiles and are designed for standard and non-standard hospital rooms or intermediate care rooms.
The bed head units are flexible and can be implemented according to the customer's specific needs.
The bed head unit is mounted on the wall above the patient's bed.
It includes all the accessories required for treating the patient and that are essential for the nursing staff: lighting (general and local), electricity (power outlets), data (telephone, call buttons, etc.), medical gases and vacuum.
The bed head unit is formed of a special aluminum profile coated with electrostatic paint.
All the units that we deal are tailored to the customer's own needs.

The units can be fitted with any type of electrical sockets and medical gas outlets.
All bed head units are suitable for wall-mounting or suspension irrespective of length, are produced to serve one or more beds, and are provided ready for installation.

Brand new are “Boiserie” models, integrated with furnishings for hospitalisation.
“Boiserie” bed head units are based on the inseparable combination of “innovation and furnishings”.

Le unità testa letto vengono realizzate
e testate in conformità alle norme
• EN ISO 7396-1• EN ISO 14971 • EN ISO 11197
• EN 60101-1 • EN60598-1 • EN 12464-1
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